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Auto Gate Motors specializes in the service and repair of electric gates, automatic gates, motorized gates, and remote gates. We are factory authorized and approved by most major brands to perform, maintain, service, and install electric gate openers, telephone entry systems, and accessories. Whether you need to install a single gate component or an entire gate system – you’ve come to the right place…

Why Auto Gate Motors?

Auto Gate Motors is the best gate motors installation and repairing service provider in South Africa & provides the installation and repair service of a diverse range of automation products. No matter what type of automation for sliding/swing gates, panel/tilt doors, boom gates, pedestrian gates, cantilever gates we will design and install to your specifications with one of our specialized team Managing your project from start to finish.

We also have a fully stocked warehouse with accessories and spare parts including remotes and intercoms etc on hand for your convenience. While our competitors may come and go Auto Gate Motors’ reputation is based on the security and confidence which accompanies dealing with our Clients. we can be assured we will be there with after-sales service and warranties guaranteed.

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Best Quality Gate Motors for Your Home

Get the best quality gate motors for your driveway. We supply great value for your money by sourcing gate motors that are weather-resistant and come with a quality guarantee. Contact us for a competitive quote on the best gate motor your money can buy.

Installation of Your New Gate Motor

Allow our experienced professionals to install your gate motor at a reasonable price. For extra security, we’ll install your motor so that it’s unobtrusive to your gate and your driveway. Also, speak to us about adding a locking mechanism to the gate motor to prevent tampering.

Repairs on ALL Gate Motors

Got an existing gate motor that’s packed up. You can have it fixed within 24 hours. Our experts are highly experienced in repairing all types of gate motors—even if they aren’t ones we’ve installed or supplied ourselves. So get in touch and get your motor working again. And if we can’t fix it, talk to us about a proper replacement.


What Is An Automatic Gate

Automatic gates are used to control access into a secured area. Most commonly, automatic gates are used at the entrance to the facility and are used to control vehicular access on and off of the site. For example, a manufacturing plant may use an automatic gate at its main entrance. All vehicles entering and exiting the plant must do so through the automatic gate. Automatic gates are also used in interior areas within a facility. For example, automatic gates are commonly used within the inside of a parking garage to separate employee parking areas from public areas of the garage.

6 Benefits of Automatic Gates


Privacy is important for every family. Choosing a suitable driveway gate for your property is the best way to protect your and your family’s privacy from the outsiders.


You can create boundaries for your pets and children and avoid severe consequences surrounding traffic and other dangers that may create harm.


Automatic gates offer you the convenience of not having to physically open the gate in order to gain entry into your home. It is convenient especially in a rainstorm or other bad weather conditions.

Unauthorized Vehicles Out

Some people use others’ driveways as a turnaround, but with an automatic electric gate, you can keep such unauthorized vehicles from using your driveway.


Installing an automatic gate for your driveway is a cost-effective solution that can save you money.

Aesthetic Appeal

An automatic driveway gate is a great decoration for your property. Whether you use a side gate or a front gate, the whole picture of your house will change with this addition.

How Autometic Gates Work?


Sliding Gates

Think of a sliding gate in the same way as a sliding door on a home. These gates slide back and next to the fence line as they are convenient when there is not enough room to swing open the door. Some sliding gates have a track along the bottom of the driveway as there are rollers on the bottom of the gate.


Swing Gates

Swing gates are automatic driveway gates that swing open like a regular door. The gate may consist of one large panel door that swings from a gate post. There are also driveway gates that are bi-parting. These have two gates that swing open. Swing gates are ideal when you have enough property space without obstructing the gate doors as they come in a range of elaborate styles.


Driveway Gate

There are about as many gate access systems as there are gate design styles, as Fence OKC can help you decide on the right one for your needs. Often, the type of access will be based on your budget and how you want to interact with your automatic gate. Some automatic gates can operate much like a garage door opener with a remote control that you have in your car.


Can't I just install the gate and opener myself?

Installing an automatic driveway gate is not a job we would recommend for anyone who isn’t either an expert or being observed by an expert.  The installation process is far more complicated than most people would expect- and involved some very in-depth understanding of the complicated opening systems that can be the difference between a working, safe gate and a non-working gate, or worse, a hazard to the well-being of you and your loved ones.

What are my options for how the gate opens?

Automatic driveway gates come in one of 3 different configurations. These are Sliding, Swing, And Dual Openers. Which One You Need Depends On The Terrain Around The Area Where The Gate Will Be Installed. This Is Something You And Your Contractor Should Discuss At The Time Of Your Consultation.

How will I trigger the gate to open or close?

This Is A Matter Of Personal Preference- And Heavily Depends On The Amount Of Traffic,A Nd The Amount Of Security You Are Seeking From Your Automatic Driveway Gate. For The Most Part- Other Than Manual Operation, You Have 3 Options For Entry Systems.

  1. Telephone Entry: Telephone Entry Systems Are Likely The Most Common Type Of Security System Installed For Driveway Gates. With A Telephone Entry System, Each User Is Assigned A Code Which They Input On A Numberpad Which Is Permanently Installed Near The Gate Entrance. A Telephone Entry System Is An Electronic Communications System Intended For Limited Or Private Dialogue, Direction, Collaboration, Or Announcements. They Can Be Portable Or Mounted Permanently In Buildings And Vehicles. These Systems Can Incorporate Connections To Telephones, Cell Phones, And Computers With Running A Web Browser.
  2. Card/Key Fob: Usually Paired With A Telephone Entry System, These Systems Require Either A Pre-Programmed Remote Or A Card To Be Swiped In Order To Enter  The Premises.
  3. US Underground Sensor: This Is The Option With The Least Security, But The Most Convenience. This Opening System Is Actually Placed Under Ground And Uses A Magnetic Sensor To Detect A Car Driving Over It. Once A Car Is Detected, The Gate Opens Automatically
What kind of maintenance is involved?

The Best Way To Avoid Frequent Maintencance Needs, Is To Make The Investment In A High Quality Starting Product. For Example, Although There Are Mnay Telephone Entry Systems Available On The Market, It Is Wise To Not Simply Choose The Cheapest Option. Why? Because Often Times It Is Lower Quality Materials Which Lead To Problems With Driveway Gates.  If You Purchase Mid-To High Range  Equipment, Then Your Maintenance Will Look A Little Somethng Like This:

  1. Wash And Wax Your Gate Once A Year To Prevent Paint From Flaking Off, And To Keep Your Gates Looking Fresh And New
  2. Deal With Pests: Snails And Slugs Can Destroy A Circuit Board In Short Order. The Slime Trails They Leave Behind Become Highly Conductive With Even The Most Minuscule Amount Of Moisture.Spider Webs With Even The Slightest Bit Of Moisture On Them Can Also Conduct Electricity And Damage A Gate’s Circuit Board. And Bee’s Nests And Ant Hills Can Rapidly Corrode Gate Opener Circuitry.
  3. Lubricate All Moving Parts Quarterly: And It Cannot Be Stressed Enough- NEVER Use Wd-40 To Lubricate The Chains Inside Of Your Gate Mechanism- Despite Popular Belief, WD-40 Is A Cleaning Agent, Not A Lubricant. Instead, Use White Lithium  Grease.
What type of material is best to use?

This Is Another Question That Depends On Both The Intended Use Of The Space And Your Own Personal Budget And Style Requirements. There Are Pros And Con’s To Every Material- You Can Read More About The Pros And Cons Of Various Gate Materials At Our Blog.

Your Main Choices Would Have Be Between Wood, Steel, Vinyl, Or Wrought Iron.

How long will it take for them to install the gate?

Generally Speaking, If The Process Runs Smoothly, It Takes Between 3-5 Hrs To Install A Driveway Gate. This, Of Course, Does Not Include Off Site Fabrication Time, Or Transportation. The Larger The Project, The Longer It Takes- However- Most Automatic Driveway Installations Take An Afternoon From Start To Finnish.

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